Experiencing, first hand, Christy’s vision from just an idea to the opening of a 1st class operation, was truly amazing. Christy possesses the ideal skill set for a business entrepreneur. She certainly has the knowledge, experience and energy to make an excellent motivational speaker. Christy is as perfect an example of our clients that has done everything right from the start – as a vision of something needed in the community – to the finish – exit sale strategy.

Alfred J. Ruggiero, CPA | Ruggiero Martinez & Norton

I have practiced law in the area of commercial real estate for over 30 years. When Christy started her business, she knew nothing about the development of real estate. She was both diligent and savvy in dealing with the real estate issues she needed to understand to buy the land and build the buildings. First and foremost, Christy is a great salesman and that skill set served her well in running the business. She was also very capable in dealing with management and personnel issues. She brought the same focus and tenacity to the expansions that she brought to the initial project. Anyone who has started, run and sold a business successfully would have something to share with young people getting into business and Christy would be no exception to that.

Vicki Berman | Attorney, Dean Mead

Christy and I first met when we successfully negotiated and implemented her Kids R Kids facility in Downtown Avalon Park. Christy is authentic, personable, passionate, hard working and performance driven. She had a positive outlook and understood the risk/opportunity balance involved in making a bold move in a very fragile economic climate (2008/2009). Simply put – when Christy is at the wheel you can have peace that she will drive the car through the rain and storm and get you to your destination safely….and if she doesn’t – nobody could have! She has a great balance of servant leadership while empowering her employees and loving on them – a rare thing these days. Christy had laser focus and had done her research before she pulled the trigger – plan the work and execute the plan! Christy is a breath of fresh air. Fun, authentic and a go getter….a peaceful intensity and get-it-done attitude!

Brendon Dedekind | Commerical Real Estate VP, Prologis

My name is Dr. Jeff Haskel, I am a chiropractic physician and a Certified Nutritional Specialist. I have been in private practice since 2002, and I am the owner of Chiropractic Solutions of Winter Park and Energetic Life Center. I heard about Christy’s expertise in supporting business owners from my assistant. I was particularly struck by the success she experienced with her Day Care Businesses and was excited to have her come in to help us. Christy consulted with me and helped me see that there was a breakdown in communication with myself and my staff. She helped me set up proper staff meeting agendas and communication lines between myself and my employees. As a small business owner, I thought that I just needed to talk to staff when I saw them. Christy guided and supported me to set up the staff meetings and it has made a huge difference in our productivity. An added benefit is it gives my staff an opportunity to be heard and acknowledged (admittedly not one of my best traits). I could see where she had an amazing facility to see how my business worked even though it was a medical practice. I highly recommend Christy’s professionalism, exuberance and knowledge as a tremendous resource to any business owner or entrepreneur. She owns the principles of success and has a great way of imparting them.

Dr. Jeff Haskel | Chiropractor, Energetic Life

"If you are a franchisee or planning to become a franchisee Christy Wilson Delk's book is one you've got to read. Even if your franchisor is great at training, Christy is better because she trains from her experiences as a successful franchisee. Read this book!"

Dr. John P. Hayes | Best-selling author: "101 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in a Franchise"
Titus Chair for Franchise Leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University