Christy's words provoked inspiration and change. I appreciated her message. Nike should endorse her, "Just do it!"

Abigail | Restaurant Marketing Coordinator, Sonny's BBQ HQ

This is a great book for all entrepreneurs looking at purchasing a franchise! From how to grow, protect and strengthen your business, it's got great insight from successful franchise owners. A must read!

Alicia Geiger

Highly recommend for franchise owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The author’s personal experiences in running a successful franchise are inspiring and she includes specific tools and guidance for executing a successful business. It is smart, humorous and motivational!

John J. North

This is a perfect read to get ahead of the game!! Whether you have been a franchisee or are contemplating getting into it, Christy delivers great stories and advice on how to pursue what you're passionate about one step at a time. The risks that she has taken that are exposed within this book are highly motivational. I recommend this book to any individual looking to break into franchise ownership, as well as those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Joseph Traut

Adventures in Franchise Ownership is a great book for the novice just starting a new franchise or an experienced owner who wants to up his or her game. In fact, the book is a great general business reference for any small business person. Christy's tools & techniques are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions provided. Her open approach and willingness to share her challenges make this book far more accessible that a standard business book. A great addition to your business library.


I was fortunate to get a copy of this book pre-publication and enjoyed reading it very much. Franchise literature does not include enough "real world experience" from franchisors and particularly not from franchisees. Christy Wilson Delk does a great job of explaining why franchising worked for her and gives the reader plenty of insights about how franchising can work for them. It's not for everyone, but for many, many people franchising is the best way to build a business that produces personal wealth. Readers will enjoy Christy's candid treatment of her adventures in franchising.

John P. Hayes

Christy's presentation was not only inspiring, it was such a learning experience for myself and others! I feel like I now have the tools and knowledge to act as a successful leader in my own company!

Bobbie | Catering Sales Manager, Tijuana Flats

Our Leadership audience could easily relate to your 3 simple points and your talk got them energized for the New Year – just as you promised. You were hilarious and a ton of fun!

Megan Almasi | Director of Programming – WPC

I had the distinct pleasure of working for Christy at Kids R Kids Learning Academy as her Operations Manager.  The fast-paced environment required high levels of communication and customer service to meet the expectations of our clients.  Christy’s

Tracy Musgrave

With all the motivational speakers available today, Christy brings a breath of fresh air. Rather than her just encouraging people to start a business or franchise, Christy provides tried and true tips on how to make it successful!

Judy Alderson

Christy Wilson Delk is a great speaker and an inspiration! I have enjoyed her presentations and workshops in various women’s groups. I can proudly say that I have learned a lot from her. Thank you Christy for sharing your knowledge and for being so kind!

Natalia Sepulveda

Experiencing, first hand, Christy’s vision from just an idea to the opening of a 1st class operation, was truly amazing. Christy possesses the ideal skill set for a business entrepreneur. She certainly has the knowledge, experience and energy to make an excellent motivational speaker. Christy is as perfect an example of our clients that has done everything right from the start – as a vision of something needed in the community – to the finish – exit sale strategy.

Alfred J. Ruggiero, CPA