The 4 Pillars Approach

1 Layers   of Loyalty

of Loyalty


2 Strategic   Leadership



3 Money   Metrics



4 Method   Management



Adventures in Franchise Ownership

Adventures in
Franchise Ownership

What Franchises Need to Know and Do to own a Top-Performing Franchise

Christy Wilson Delk

Meet Christy Wilson Delk

Full time business professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida

Former 15 year franchisee owner with two expansions before successful exit.

She is the proud mom of one son, and lives in a 100-year-old home with an old hound dog and frisky cat.

My Commitment as Your Speaker

Franchisees will become intensely focused on their numbers and growth.

Franchisees will have a tactical plan for intangibles like community engagement.

Franchisees, new and seasoned – will be more motivated and invigorated.

Your take-away?

Greater ownership accountability,
adherence to initiatives and
improved communications –

Your foundation for
greater success

4 Pillars Approach

  • Christy's words provoked inspiration and change. I appreciated her message. Nike should endorse her, "Just do it!"

    Abigail | Restaurant Marketing Coordinator, Sonny's BBQ HQ

  • Christy's presentation was not only inspiring, it was such a learning experience for myself and others! I feel like I now have the tools and knowledge to act as a successful leader in my own company!

    Bobbie | Catering Sales Manager, Tijuana Flats

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